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complementary feeding advice

I would be happy to accompany you on a relaxed complementary food start

When and how to start complementary feeding? That's probably a question many parents ask themselves. You just don't want to do anything wrong and only want the best for your baby. I'll be happy to explain official recommendations to you and show you what to look out for when starting solid food so that you as a family can start this new phase as relaxed as possible. 

A consultation with me does not replace a visit to a doctor or a nutritionist. I do not offer nutritional advice as I am not trained to do so.

Here you will find out how a consultation works.

Prices you find outhere.

Consultation topics can include:
  • When to start complementary feeding?

  • supplementary mark

  • Allergy Prevention

  • My child does not want to eat anything

  • How to offer complementary food?

  • breastfeeding and complementary feeding

  • offer drinks

  • safety factors

  • Complementary food as required

  • choking hazard

  • Forbidden Foods

  • Any other questions you have

For my consulting approach seehere.

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