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Prices & Sequence

Du fragst dich, ob eine Beratung sich lohnt? Diese Entscheidung kann ich euch leider nicht abnehmen, schreibt mir aber gerne erstmal eine Nachricht, wenn ihr euch unsicher seid. Beim Thema Stillen kann man aber einmal die Kosten für monatliche Ersatznahrung gegenrechnen.

Individual consultation prices

hourly rate: €80.00/60 mins (€20.00/15 mins)
Billing every 15 minutes (per quarter of an hour started)

Where? Personally on site / phone / video


Length of time: Between 15 minutes and a maximum of 1.5 hours. If you still have questions after the 1.5 hours, we can arrange a new appointment upon request. I schedule a little more time for on-site appointments.

Driving flat: For personal on-site consultations, a flat-rate travel fee of €0.90/km (shortest route according to Google Maps, round trip) will be charged.

What is included in the price? Advice on the agreed date and a short email query within 14 days of the appointment. The contact to make an appointment (by phone) is free of charge.


You urgently need advicebut you can't afford it right now? Please don't hesitate to write to me. We will then see how we can best solve this. In addition, it is always worth submitting the costs to the health insurance company. Some health insurance companies cover the costs. It should also be made clear that the need is there.


Unusual appointments

Since the preparation of an appointment involves a lot of work and it should also remain fair, I reserve the right to charge an expense allowance of 45.00 € for each appointment that is canceled no earlier than 24 hours in advance.


consultation process

I would be happy if you put your trust in me and contact me with your concerns.


Message me about that firstContact form, which at best contains the following:

  • Brief description of your request

  • Two or three suggested dates

  • Is a consultation with you, by phone or video call desired.


I will then get in touch with you as soon as possible with an appointment proposal and may even send you a questionnaire that you can fill out and send back to me before the appointment. 


During the appointment, we will look at your individual situation together and look for a solution that suits your family. I don't have any rigid plans or fixed deadlines. I'll show you different options and you as a family decide what suits you best and how to proceed. 

If I notice that a problem is beyond my competence, I will point this out at an early stage and refer you to the appropriate specialist staff. 

I plan a maximum of 1.5 hours for a consultation appointment by phone or video, also so that you parents can sink in the information you have received. If there are further questions during this period, we will arrange a new appointment on request.

I do not lay hands on mother or child because I am not trained for this.

A consultation with me does not replace a visit to the doctor or the visit of other medical professionals. 

Your concerns will be treated with confidence and I commit myself to secrecy.

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