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It's me
and my philosophy

Porträt Sophia Lienau


Sophia Lienau, 

attachment-oriented family companion

Hello, my name is Sophia, I'm 33 years old and I live in Munich with my husband and two daughters. I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and I work part-time as a tax assistant. Since July 2022 I have been a commitment-oriented family companion (BFB Institute) and since December 2022 certified bottle and formula consultant (FES Institute).

I decided to train as a breastfeeding, sleep and solids consultant because I had the feeling that parents were left alone with these topics or that there were very questionable offers in these areas. Often the child's development is not taken into account, scientific findings are not considered or it is only about the needs of individual family members and these are enforced at the expense of others (be it that parents are promised that their child will learn to fall asleep on their own, although it is developmentally 

is not yet able (only the needs of the parents are important) or mothers feel guilty because they want to stop breastfeeding, although breastfeeding is the best thing for their child (only the needs of the child count)). Desperate parents are then sold a "gentle" sleep training as bonding-oriented and actually completely normal behavior of children as "abnormal" and mothers are undermined in their self-determination. Far too many myths or outdated methods are passed on, do not solve the problem, but create many new ones when in doubt. This is exactly where I would like to start and help the parents in a well-founded, needs-oriented and understanding manner. My training institute keeps me up to date with the latest scientific findings  kept up to date and continue to educate myself. So I want to offer families the help they really deserve. I would like to relieve families of the stress that our society unfortunately often causes and show them their own skills and those of their children. Thanks to my training, I also have a wide network of different specialists and can mediate if I reach my limits. 

I hope your family doesn't need any advice at all, otherwise I'm happy to be your contact person for any questions or problems.


  • 07/2022: Breastfeeding companion (BFB Institute)

  • 07/2022: Sleep Advisor (BFB Institute​)

  • 07/2022: complementary food consultant (BFB Institute​)

  • 12/2022: certified bottles and formula consultant (FES Institute)

  • in training: specialist in vegan nutrition for babies & Small child (QEKK)

Logo FeS Institut


(based on the values of the BFB Institute)

Attachment and need-oriented

I work according to a needs and commitment-oriented approach. This includes the needs of all family members. I will neither let the child cry nor say "you just have to endure that".​ Sleep training, whether "gentle" or not, I do not consider child-friendly and therefore do not offer it. 

take seriously

If you find a situation problematic, then you are allowed to do so. All feelings and sensations are ok and have a cause. We try to find the cause and look for a solution. 



In my consultations, we focus on your family, completely nonjudgmentally. Opinions or old-fashioned methods do not belong in a consultation.


A problem in one area can sometimes have a root cause elsewhere. I'll help you as much as I can. However, if we determine that a cause is beyond my competence, I will refer you to the appropriate specialists. 


Wherever possible, my advice is based on scientific findings. 


Your family is unique and unlike any other. There is no one solution that fits everyone. Together we try to work out solutions that are suitable for your family. Out of conviction, I do not work with blanket plans


The needs of all family members are taken into account. In addition, I always look at the areas of child development, breastfeeding, sleeping and complementary feeding as a whole, since a problem in one area can sometimes be solved by changing another.  

resource oriented

Not every family has the same resources. Be it money, a partner or family help. Every family's "pain threshold" is also different, as are talents, preferences, skills and strengths. I see it as my task to identify your resources with you and to use them for solutions.

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