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breastfeeding advice

I am happy to support you and trust you with your breastfeeding issues

There are many myths and opinions about breastfeeding, but they have no place in this area. Unfortunately, good support is no longer a matter of course right from the start, which can cause a lot of stress. I will provide you with the necessary information, I am there to accompany you, to support you in your decisions and to point out what to look out for with the baby and the mother.

A consultation with me never replaces a visit to the doctor.

Here you will find out how a consultation works.

Pricesyou find outhere.

Consultation topics can include:
  • breastfeeding preparation

  • breastfeeding start

  • Accompaniment in childbirth

  • breastfeeding positions

  • frequency of breastfeeding

  • milk shot

  • do i have enough milk

  • Will my milk ever run out?

  • How long do I have to breastfeed?

  • Does my child still need milk at night?

  • What can I eat while breastfeeding?

  • Will my milk ever go bad?

  • pain while breastfeeding

  • breastfeeding and complementary feeding

  • weaning

  • and any other concerns you may have

For my consulting approach seehere

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