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sleep advice

I will gladly and trustingly accompany you with your sleep issues

Experience has shown that babies and toddlers are very concerned about sleep because it can be accompanied by a lot of exhaustion. Plus, understandably, parents don't want to do anything wrong. Unfortunately, you get a lot of unsolicited advice on this topic that doesn't take into account the latest findings from bonding research and can suddenly make a relaxed everyday family life very stressful. "The baby has to learn to fall asleep on its own" - "you can't hold it in your arms" - "it mustn't be breastfed to fall asleep and certainly not sleep in the family bed, otherwise you'll never get it out of it" - "the baby has to learn to regulate itself". Have you heard that too? Bullshit of course. If you are unsure or very exhausted or just have basic questions about baby and toddler sleep, please feel free to contact me. 

There is no sleep training in which the child is left alone in bed or fixed times are set, for example. Neither does the promise that a child will sleep through the night, because that would not correspond to the child's development. Every family and every child is individual. The family alone decides what to implement and how. 

Here you will find out how a consultation works.

Prices you find outhere.

Consultation topics can include:
  • How does child sleep work?

  • co-regulation

  • Fear of being able to teach the child something wrong

  • Sleep Associations/Sleep Bridges (change)

  • sleep habits (change)

  • What expectations can we have of our child

  • Change sleep accompaniment

  • The right sleeping environment

  • Own cot

  • Move to own room

  • Constant waking up after being put to sleep

  • Long waking hours at night

  • Very late bedtimes

  • Long sleep accompaniments

  • Adjust sleep times/sleep rhythm

  • Different people in the sleep company

  • Change nighttime breastfeeding

  • sleeping in daycare

  • Any other concerns you have

For my consulting approach seehere

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