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Bottle and formula advice

I would be happy to advise you on bottles and formula if breastfeeding is not possible or desired

The promotion of breastfeeding is my top priority. However, there are mothers who cannot breastfeed or who make a conscious decision not to. I would be happy to enlighten you about formula and help you with all your questions about breast milk substitutes and complaints in your children that may be caused by formula. I advise in accordance with the WHO Code and completely independently.

Please note that my consultations can never replace a doctor's visit.

Consultation topics can include:
  • Which formula is the right one

  • digestive problems

  • Selection of the sucker

  • Correct teat size

  • Choice of bottle

  • Correct drinking amount

  • preparation

  • Do I need follow-on milk?

  • Paced-bottle-feeding / mindful feeding with a bottle

  • how long does my child need the bottle

  • bottle weaning

  • Frequent spitting up or reflux

  • bottle at night

  • and other topics and questions you have

For my consulting approach seehere.

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